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Enterprise Architecture
The role of an Enterprise Architect is to ensure that there is a clear medium to long-term plan in place for the organisation’s IT Architecture strategy. This individual will take a broad view of the current ‘As Is’ technology landscape and, based on the business objectives, what it should like (the ‘To Be’ landscape). The Enterprise Architect will create and deliver a roadmap on how to achieve this over a set time period. Having worked with best in class candidates from the UK to Overseas we know the importance and difference a high quality Enterprise Architect can make to your IT goals.

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We source the experts needed to deliver ERP solutions

Solution Architecture
Here at Okeva we know the role of the Solution Architect is to design an end-to-end architecture Solution for a specific element of the technology estate, for example designing a new CRM solution. They will work closely with the Enterprise Architect to ensure the solution they are designing is aligned with the overall strategy and roadmap. We look forward to working with you to help fulfil on your end to end architecture solutions.
Digital Architecture
Digital Architecture is a broad terminology; and we know, it will typically refer to architects focusing on the front-end channels of an organisation’s technology estate (i.e. websites, CMS, Mobile). These Architects are some of the most in demand in the market as they will enable the businesses to interact more effectively with customers and reach greater audiences. We have a wealth of experience in the Digital Architecture domain and have worked with organisations going through substantial levels of digital transformation.
Software Architecture
Software Architects typically have a very strong development and engineering background, and work closely with development teams at a hands-on level. This allows them to architect software solutions that meet business needs and enable organisational goals. They can also act as a point of technical escalation for the development teams as they will have progressed through the development ranks themselves. Okeva have placed a number of Software Architects these are typically more in demand from our start-up and technology focused customers.
Cloud/Infrastructure Architecture
Cloud and Infrastructure Architecture looks at solutions focused on infrastructure supporting the applications and software. For any business this could range from networking and connectivity right through to storage and data-centres. Cloud Transformations have become part of almost every client’s technology challenge over the last 5 years, as a result we have an extensive network of Architects with strong cloud skills across Azure, AWS, Google to name but a few.
Data Architecture
Data Architecture has seen a large rise in demand over the last few years with organisations trying to effectively monetise the data that they have, as well as ensuring they can harness data for MI and decision making. The Data Architect helps an organisation ensure they have a robust Data model and Data Architecture in place, this could cover everything from Data Warehouses right through to Big Data working with Data Scientists. We know how imperative these hires are for a business and the challenge to secure them over other employers in the local and international markets.
Technology Architecture
Architects play a crucial role in every company’s IT strategy; they are the bridge between the technical and the business and are expected to have knowledge of the software, infrastructure, security and cloud domains. We focus on Architects from a software engineering background, shaping their journey from a Developer all the way to becoming a CTO. We source the experts needed to deliver these solutions and place them into leading businesses on a contract and permanent basis.