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Chief Data Officer (CDO)
In recent years, the appointment of a Chief Data Officer has become a top priority for many businesses as a result of the growing importance placed on data. Our team have grown with this trend, building up a network of seasoned data professionals to place into our portfolio of client companies. Whether you’re hiring a CDO on a permanent or interim basis or looking to take the next step in your career, our team is well-placed to help in any capacity.

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We source the experts needed to deliver ERP solutions

Business Intelligence Specialists
Effectively analysis of big data for use in providing 360-degree views of business operation have quickly become a crucial part of business practice and staying ahead of the competition. With access to an extensive pool of high-quality talent, and experience in working to improve the data practices of businesses of all sizes and stages of development, our team is well placed to meet all business intelligence recruitment needs from a client or candidate perspective.
Analytical Insights
In today’s world, data is everywhere. However, the collection of data is only useful for driving business impact when processed and applied correctly – this requires the work of a data analyst, a role that has been viewed with growing importance as the level of data we collect both internally and externally increases rapidly. With a wealth of experience working with companies of all sizes in optimising their data efforts, and a wide pool of highly sought-after data experts, our team are confident in our ability to fill programmes of all sizes and requirements.
Digital Analytics
Digital analytics is the analysis of qualitative and quantitative data from businesses to drive continual improvement of the online experience that customers and potential customers have which translates to your desired outcomes (both online and offline). We have seen a rise in the number of this type of role in recent years and have specialist who discuss requirements with candidates of this nature on a regular basis.
Data Management Search
As increasing amounts of data are being collected across every aspect of a business, managing the storage, organisation and analysis of this information is becoming a time-consuming yet crucial task for all organisations. With several years’ experience in both placing data professionals in existing functions and building new teams from scratch, our team are well-equipped to fill positions at all levels for our new and existing clients.
Data Strategy Specialists
With data being more important than ever, businesses must have a robust strategy in place in order to fully optimise the capture, management, analysis and actioning of information. Our team have worked with a wide range of clients to either bolster their existing function or build new data strategy teams and have ongoing relations with a high-quality pool of talented data experts, enabling us to fill projects of any scale in an efficient manner.