Our Client Partnership Focus

We are a solution focussed and goal orientated business! We’re here to listen and help guide you!

We are a solution focussed and goal orientated business! We’re here to listen and help guide you! 

A great business is built by those in it, surround yourself with exceptional people and exceptional things will happen! Succeeding in any environment whether that be high-pressure or fast paced depends on surrounding yourself with talented people. The Okeva team can help you open the door to industry leading and dedicated IT candidates to take your business to new heights. 

Find that perfect match!

As a specialist IT staffing services firm, Okeva has the knowledge, expertise and network to recruit in-demand candidates. We strive to go that extra mile, not just a perfect profile, but the person behind it and how they will compliment and elevate your existing team and expertise.

We have industry specific experience, we will ask the tough questions, we will immerse ourselves in the detail. This is our way! We are a true solutions focussed partner and that is evident in our results.

The Okeva talent team are very good at what they do. They simply understand and get into the detail like no other. From initial brief and guidance from their team we received expert advice as well as carefully vetted and aligned profiles within a very short time frame and we made the appointment with such ease, I wouldn’t want to do it any other way! We eventually not only hired a permanent member of staff but an interim to help us in the run up to the full-time hire starting. Regular catch ups and a personable service, thank you!

- Okeva Client

We work closely with you to place specific talent. Our consultants focus on key skills enables them to build deep candidate networks, and develop significant expertise in sourcing and screening potential employees. By the time you receive candidates, your consultant will have already done a significant vetting for fit and skills match as per your exacting requirements and more.

Our mission is to send you only a handful of ideal candidates who will excel in your role – we do the hard-work for you!

Our service doesn’t end after we find you the right candidate. We provide ongoing service and feedback to help your talent thrive—and help you achieve your goals. Okeva places highly specialised IT talent for small, medium and large organisations across the globe.