How can you accelerate your career?

How we work with candidates

By partnering with a business who has extensive experience of and knowledge behind it can help you mould and create the profile you need to reach your goals and achieve new heights. Things you thought may not be possible we can help those come to reality.

The way we work with you is in a consultative approach, and what you want out of it! Is it a better work–life balance? Is it working for that high-growth FinTech everyone’s talking about? Getting recognized in the industry? Cracking the Interim market? Our candidate-led methodology means we’ll never push you into something that is not right for you or your short/long-term objectives.

We want to accelerate and help define your visions and goals, and for this, we know you will thank us and come back time and time again. We’re in it for the long term as Your Talent Partner.

Our initial contact maybe when we’ve found a great match for you, but we know that may not be the right thing for you! What we really want to know, is what you want and what that looks like in your eyes, so we’re here to listen and help guide you. Then when it’s the right time we can discuss the perfect role for you!

Getting to know the person behind the profile!
Our DNA defines who we are at Okeva, as a people focussed business we firmly believe in working with a hands-on consultant, we want to get to know the real you! What makes you tick, whether that be the football team you support or what you like to do in your spare time, this really helps us define the best match of talent to opportunity and which one of our customers you’d love to work with. This sort of thing really helps us create that perfect match. So we will always look to meet in person, or schedule a video call with you to get to know you.
References and screening
Our customers trust in us, we always look to go the extra mile by vetting and pre-qualifying our candidates. So let us do the hard-work and take those references for you. What better than a vote of confidence from someone you’ve worked with or partnered with in the past!
Guiding you
We will always look to get feedback and keep in touch. It is not all about getting your foot in the door. If you don’t we will help guide and advise you. There is always something you can do better and we are firm believers in learning something new every day!
Interview preparation
One thing you will always get from the Okeva team is a thorough insight and detailed interview preparation prior to a call or meeting with your future employer. We find even the most experienced candidates benefit from this support and guidance so let us help you!

The exciting bit

Finding the right role!

Here at Okeva we are a premier supplier to small or large businesses and institutions globally.

This means we work with the best talent in the market. It is what defines us. Our exceptional level of quality and aftercare sets us apart from the crowd, so we only seek the best talent for each role and if that is not you, we will advise as such.

There are few ways of getting in touch

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