Cyber Security

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CISO, CRO, Advisory
In an increasingly online world, security is everything. Increasing numbers of businesses are looking to specialist leaders to drive change within their organisation and ensure they are protected from both internal and external threats. Our Information Security Leadership team helps to source these individuals from our far-reaching pool of high-quality experienced talent within the industry; and have worked with a wide range of clients including some of the world’s most influential corporates, through to private equity portfolios, charities and start-ups.

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Security Operations
A key aspect of managing threats involves designing and developing an organisation’s key IT infrastructure and security processes. Recruiting top to bottom, our team are equipped to hire expert engineers for projects of any scale, at any stage of a company’s development. Using our extensive industry knowledge and experience of working with a variety of influential clients and sought-after candidates, we are well positioned to provide a full solution that is always bespoke to our clients’ needs. SOC, Incident Management, Threat Intelligence and more.
Governance, Risk & Compliance
Whether a business is creating a new security function or bolstering an existing one, a solid governance, risk and compliance (GRC) strategy is highly important for ensuring the safe and effective running of the department against guidelines and regulations. With a wealth of knowledge within the industry, our team can service our clients with top security talent, drawing from a pool of experienced individuals to ensure peace of mind and efficient hiring at all levels. GRC, Vendor Management, Training and Governance.
Data Privacy/Governance & GDPR
Since the new GDPR regulations came into effect in 2018, businesses have been put under increased rigour to ensure the safe management of data privacy both internally and externally. Our team has a vast network of data experts across all areas, helping our clients, both big and small, to ensure data protection and privacy demands are met in all areas.
Security Architecture
Implementing effective security architecture is key to protecting businesses in the face of increased cyber security threats. In a world where solid architecture foundations are paramount to an effective security posture, we are able to draw upon our extensive network of security professionals to service every area in which our clients require support, regardless of whether they are developing a security architecture function for the first time or expanding their existing team.
Security Engineering/DevSecOps
As businesses’ digital footprint grow and move into a heavily cloud based, rapidly changing environments, ensuring your engineering and applications are secure is vital. Whether you’re assessing your application landscape for the first time or looking to implement group wide SecDevOps processes into a fully CI/CD environment, we can help. Our team have long standing connections with a wide network of security professionals across all levels and disciplines to fill specialised roles for our clients, creating bespoke solutions for their specific business needs.